MeGroup operates two plants in the Balakong area in Klang Valley of central Selangor, Malaysia, comprising the Main Manufacturing Plant and the Thermobonded Felt Plant, and an Assembly Line in Pulau Pinang. It manufactures NVH and non-NVH components primarily for the automotive industry in Malaysia. Incorporated into various parts of an automobile, its NVH components include headliners and engine outers. Its non-NVH components include parcel trays and board assembly decks. In addition, MeGroup also manufactures a variety of Thermobonded Felts with a range of NVH properties, used in the manufacturing of its NVH and non-NVH components.

The Group’s products are customised to each customer and are usually supplied for the entire lifecycle of a customer's particular car model. Today, MeGroup is an Approved Supplier for Honda Malaysia, Perodua Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., Perodua Global Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., Mazda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., and Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn. Bhd. MeGroup has also been appointed as an Approved Supplier of Johnson Controls Hitachi as of June 2018, and this is part of the Group’s strategy to diversify into the Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (“HVAC”) industry.

MeGroup manufactures the following:

(1) NVH Components and non-NVH Components

  • (i) Engine compartment insulation
  • A range of engine compartment insulation components, including hood insulators and dash outer insulators. These components are incorporated into the hoods and engine casings of automobiles to reduce sound emission and vibrations from automobile engines into the environment and interior cabin of the automobile, as well as aid in retaining heat within the engine casing of the vehicle.
  • (ii) Under-body shielding systems
  • Under-body shielding systems which are incorporated into the undercarriage of automobiles provide insulation to the cabin of the automobile from noise and vibrations. Under-body shielding systems also influences the aerodynamic performance of an automobile.
  • (iii) Interior system insulation
  • Interior system insulation components such as inner dash systems are incorporated into the dashboard of automobiles to insulate the automobile cabin from NVH emitted from the engine compartment.
  • (iv) Headliners
  • Its Assembly Line located at One Auto Hub in Penang, assembles headliners for the Mazda brand of automobiles. The approximately 744 sq m space for the Assembly Line is guaranteed to the Group under a service agreement between Mazda Logistics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and MNSB.
  • (v) Trunk systems
  • MeGroup manufactures trunk systems such as trunk floor systems and trunk side liners in a variety of coverings. These trunk systems are used to line the floor of the boots of the automobile.

(2) Thermobonded Felt

MeGroup’s Thermobonded Felts are made from a mixture of Thermoplastic Fibres and Non-Thermoplastic Fibres which are bonded together by the application of thermal heat. MeGroup’s Thermoplastic and Non-Thermoplastic Fibres are sourced from suppliers in Malaysia, Thailand and Korea. By varying the composition of the Fibres, the Group is able to produce Thermobonded Felts with a range of properties to meet our customer's specific NVH requirements.